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Moving Seniors is a specialty service for seniors and persons with disabilities. Moving Seniors is known and trusted by Seniors' Communities and Service Providers in Portland and throughout Oregon and southwest Washington

Professionally Trained Employees


  • Pre-Move Planning
  • Full Service Packing, Unpacking and Setup to Your Specifications
  • Professional Loading, Transportation and Unloading

Moves to Portland from Anywhere on the West Coast!


  • Home Staging and Preparation for Sale
  • Estate Sales, Liquidation, Disposal
  • Digital Inventories
  • Storage Management

While others do the heavy lifting, a kind heart listens


“I have spent hundreds of hours over the years just listening  to the stories. I have never done the heavy lifting, but while the crew worked, I was always on the job….listening.”  Roger Hall, Owner, Moving Seniors

"My mother brought that chest over on the boat from Germany. It was her mother’s"

"I have heard the excitement of a great ball game from the 50’s retold. The Friday night fights coming over the radio."

"I have discussed Roosevelt and MacArthur and Truman and talked about the old farm back in Arkansas."

These folks and their stories have been my gifts and I have gained an even greater appreciation for my parent’s generation. It was the great generation. These stories are not found in books like they have been told to me.

"My husband worked for the oil company and we traveled all over Asia and that’s where we got all these beautiful things. That Japanese screen is my favorite."

"We travelled to Europe and my wife’s people were from Scotland. She liked that painting because it reminded her of home, so I bought it for her."

"The pictures down this wall are my family. And my husband’s family, their pictures are down the other side."