Complete Transition and Relocation Services for Portland, the Entire State of Oregon and Southwest Washington

No two relocations are ever the same, and that means every move is different for each individual family.

Sorting, Packing and Preparation

Many folks want to sort, pack and prepare in advance of the move.  (We will deliver supplies.) Others want Moving Seniors to do all the work. Our skilled, experienced staff will be there for you. You are always welcome to work alongside us!


Moving Day

Our professional moving crew will arrive at the time you choose. We will stay with you until YOU say the job is done. (Yes, we hang pictures, hook up the TV and make the bed.)


We are skilled and experienced to perform every aspect, no matter how small or big, to meet your needs. Most importantly, YOU can decide. We are happy to work alongside you and just as happy to do everything for you.

We specialize in:-

  • Sorting and packing (We will provide your supplies)
  • Loading, moving and unloading. (Multiple stops are Okay!)
  • Estate sales, disposal, dispersal to the charity of your choice or ours.
  • Clear-out and cleaning.


And, likewise, the costs and pricing depend on your individual project.